International Rosary March

How to Organize a Rosary March in Your Area

These suggestions are provided as resource to our visitors. Please email us if you have more suggestions.

Step 1: Pick an Area. If you process around your parish church, or on a college campus, you likely would only need to get the permission of the superior/pastor for an appointed time and day. If you plan a procession on the public streets (which is what we recommend, if at all possible), you must obtain permission from the local police, city hall, or county seat, and, in some cases, obtain a permit. This permit may cost something. For instance, in some areas, a city may charge for providing security. So finances need to be taken into account. Once you put your plans clearly in writing including identifying whatever costs there may be, you may find that local businessmen, professionals, and others may come forward to help pick up the costs.

Step 2: Prepare a one-page announcement which answers the questions: What? Where? When? Why? and Who? (the sponsoring group). In the flyer, urge people to bring their family and friends. Announce that everyone is welcome. Also, for about $7 or less you can usually get 100 such flyers printed at a local copy place, or you can print the flyers you need on a home computer printer.

Step 3: Contact any leaders or groups you know in your area who might be willing to spread the word. These could include people who ar active in their local parish, people or groups known to be devoted to the Rosary, pro-life groups, etc.

Step 4: Mail, email or distribute by hand your announcement to as many sympathetic people as you can identify from these leaders and from your own acquaintances. Each organizer can compile a special email list of all interested people, both from this site and from elsewhere. You can email as many times as seems prudent to the people who are interested. As regards regular mail (which is actually still more effective than email) be sure that the mail arrives at least one week in advance of the Rosary Procession event. (Postcards are an excellent form of regular mail, and also the least expensive to send. Many home computer printers will print postcards; or you can buy larger labels, print them on your home computer, and stick these labels on the postcard.) If possible, follow up with a phone call campaign a few days befor the event to remind people to attend your local Rosary Procession. (Call campaigns often do wonders to boost attendance.)

Step 5: Mail or fax a copy of your one page announcement to the key local television stations, radio stations, and newspapers in your area. These stations and newspapers may well cover the event. (Have someone snap a few pictures on a digital video camera; these pictures can be emailed to the newspaper if they can't attend, which may increase the chance they will write a story about the event. The purpose of publicity is to swell the numbers for the next event, as well as to encourage people at home who will see or hear any press coverage.) To seek publicity for your Rosary Procession is not "grandstanding" or showing off. Local media coverage may encourage many in the area who might not otherwise hear about the event in time, and can swell the numbers for next event.

Remember, two people at a Rosary March is better than no Rosary March at all. With a little planning and a little prayer, you may be surprised at how many turn out to join you.

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